Cleaning the MonsterSlush ® machine


Cleaning frequency:

Clean at least once every 5 days with daily use.

If the machine has not been used for a day, empty the bowls and refill with fresh mixor store (alternatively freeze) the product in your cold storage facility (+ 5° max., shelf life incl. operating days approx. 5 days), if you do not intend to use the machine the next day.


Cleaning and hygiene:

We recommend wearing disposable gloves when cleaning the machine.

Empty the bowls completely.


Remove the bowls, mixers, seals, etc., as per instructions.

Rinse all parts in warm water (at least 50°C).

Where available, fill your commercial sink with warm water and leave parts to soak.

Rinse with cold water.

Use a fresh (disposable) cloth to clean all non-removable and removable parts.


Grease the seals of the front taps and the vacuum seals of the freezing cylinder inside using Vaseline.

Replace the removed parts in reverse order.

Fill the clean machine with warm water of at least 50°C and optionally add MonsterSlush ® Special Cleaner. Let the machine run in cold drink mode.


After approx. 5 minutes, empty the machine completely and rinse thoroughly with cold water.




Your machine draws in ambient air through the openings on the LEFT side of the panel. Unscrew the panel once a week and carefully remove all dust from the cooling fins using a soft brush.