Mixing instructions

How to mix MonsterSlush® syrup?


Use an empty Ready-Mix canister for mixing.

The numbers on the canister indicate which canister has the most recent date.




1st number 5069 = item number for Blue Raspberry.

2nd number 604 = 6 designates the production year, i.e. 2016, 04 means the fourth production batch.


Always use the canister with the highest number, in other words, 604 before 603, and discard the lower numbered canister.

Should you notice a fermented or foul smell or deposits in or on the canister, do not use it for mixing, discard it and use the other canister instead.


Always start your season with a new food-safe canister, which you can order from us!

If you sell all year round, always use the most recent canisters for mixing. After the filling process, seal and immediately return the canisters to your cold storage facility (+ 5°C max.) or similar place. The mixed canister must be used within 5 days. Should you not need the mixed canisters for a while, they can easily be frozen. If you do not have this option, please dispose of the ready-to-drink syrup and canisters.


Mixing proportion of MonsterSlush® syrup:

1000 ml of Ready Mix

+ 4600 ml of drinking water

= 5.6 litres (CANISTER filled to the brim) of delicious ready-to-drink MonsterSlush®